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Global Variable and Local Variable Different Java OOPS

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In this tutorials will  teach you what is the different between  Global Variable and Local Variable step by step. This is an important for developing a java projects.  there are many students who struggling with this area. so that I bring this article for all to clear the doubts.

Global Variable  : – You can you access every where you need.

Example : Cricketer Glenn Maxwell  is a Famous Cricketer whole over world. Every one know him.

Local Variable  : – You can you access only the with in the scope. One of the Cricketer who lives in your city.only know him with in the city peoples only. Out side the city or country no one know about him.

Above example explained  we have created name and salary both are the Global Variable Access any where of the program. Local variables are accessible with in the scope only created the local variable totalsalary. if i use out of the method it will be shown the error.

Lets Look at the another examples

i have attached the video link below. which will do this tutorials step by step.








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