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Java Mysql OOP Project Step by Step

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This OOP Crud Project will teach you how to do basic database functions that are CREATE RETIEVE, UPDATE and DELETE and SEARCH using mysql Database. The INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE statements can be used in any database system, because this is support by all relational database systems.will discuss about how to work with oop using crud operations are (create,read,update,delete).

We will learn how to INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE and SEARCH in database by writing code to manage the records table in the database named payrollsystem. students table consist of following columns empname,salary,phone.


First you have to create package com.example.oop.model.


we created the database payrollsystem.inside the database created the table which name is employees in the mysql database.

After that created the package com.example.oop.EmployeeDb.

Establish the Db Connection


After that created the package com.example.oop.employeecontroller. create the interface EmployeeDAO.


after that create the class EmployeeDAOIm and implement the particular interface EmployeeDAO. inside the class
we create the crud operation methods.


we designed the swing GUI design.After that created the package com.example.oop.employeeview.


save button which we use to save data in to the mysql database.
double click the save button paste the code code inside.


Get the data from the mysql database to pass into JTable.so create the method which load() inside the method we paste the following code.

after done it. you have to call the load method inside the constructor  of class.so when application runs all data will be loaded.i shown below how to call inside the constructor.


Search button which we use to seach data from the mysql database.double click the seach button paste the code code inside.


After search the record you have to make a changes what you need and click edit button.


After search the record by using student what you want delete. and click delete button.

i have attached the video link below. which will do this tutorials step by step.



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