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How to add Two numbers using Spring boot

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This tutorial will teach you how to add two numbers using Spring Boot.

First Step

Select the Template folder.Inside the template folder create index.html page.


Create the  Package Domain

After that select the  src/main/java right click the new package create the package name as com.example.FormExampleSpring.domain

After created the package select the package com.example.FormExampleSpring.domain  right click and  create the class file name Addtion.class

After that  Create the Controller


After  that create the Controller  select src/main/java right click new package create the package name as com.example.FormExampleSpring.StudentController

inside the package create the controller as AdditionController.java

After fill the Form click Submit goes to calculate.html and display the total

After that create the calculate.html Page


i have attached the video link below. which will do this tutorials step by step.



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