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MEVN Full Stack Complete Application (MongoDB, Express, Vue js, Node JS)

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This tutorial will teach you how to make Crud Application using Node JS with Vue Js Frontend application and Mongo DB Database using Api access Crudapplication.

First Step What you have to do is you to divide the Front-End and Back-End.

Front-End – Vue JS

BackEnd – Node JS

Create the folder myprojects. inside the folder Frond end project  you maintaining with the separate folder.
Backend project you maintaining with the separate folder.

Install Node JS

Create  a new Project type  the command on the command prompt.

Type the Command on Console.

and create your project. After project has been created you see the package.json file.

Then open the project in to the VS Code Editor by typing the following command

after open up the project in to the vscode editor

Install the Express Server as back end server

Install the mongoDB as database

First Create the Application server.js which manage the ports and libraries and database connection of the project.

we have created the datbase on mongoDB Compass  which name est.
attached the db connection below.


After that you can run the server type by the following command.
You can get the result as

DB Connectedddd

after that make the new folder route and inside the folder create the page route.js. route.js page which use to manage the all the restapis related to crud operations.

After that create the MVC Page.First Create the Controller Page





Install  Vue.js CLI

After installed successfully create the vue.js project using following command

After installation completed open the project in to vs code editor

First Step

Create the component Employeecrud.vue.



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