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Networking Application using Jdbc Mysql

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This tutorial will teach you Networking Application using TCP/IP in Java step by step. the example to create a server is create a serversocket object that listens at a paticulat port for client requests.when the server gets a vaild request.the server socket obtains the Socket object created by the client.the communication between the server and the client occurs using the socket.

Functional requirements

The server shall be able to capture of receiving message from a client.

The server shall be able to connect to the database and retrieve the student information.

The server shall run on port 4000.

The client shall be a JFrame.

The client shall be capable of receiving information from the server application.

Creating  the  StudentInfo Class

The preceding code is saved as StudentInfo.java

Creating  the  Server Class

The Server class performs the following functions:

Create a server socket using the ServerSocket object.

Listens for the client request

The following code is used to create the Server class that receives requests from the clients.

Creating  the  Client Application using jFrame

I have attached the video tutorial below it will help you  to do this  step by step.











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