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Search using Java MongoDb

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In this tutorials will  teach you Java connect with MongoDb Database with Swing Application.MongoDb is a NOSQLdatabase.how to do the simple Search connect with MongoDb Database teach step by step here.How  to connect java in to MongoDb Database.

Establish the database Connection with Java and MongoDb Database

First Install the mongodb and robo mongo i attched the video link below.

If you don’t have a idea about MongoDb Database . it is simple to learn i have attached the video link below.



After watch above video links i hope now you have clear idea about mongodb.

Lets do the Search form

h3>Establish the database Connection

mongo = new MongoClient(“localhost”,27017);   This is port where your robo mongodb is connected

dbconnection = mongo.getDatabase(“school”);  This is database name

collection= dbconnection.getCollection(“records”);  This is a table name

after done the connet() method call inside the constructor of the class

Paste the Code Inside the Find Button

i have attached the video link below. which will do this tutorials step by step.


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