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Inventory Management System using Spring boot

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The Icecream shop pos system is developed using Spring boot. The project is built to manage sales and transactions. To make a new transaction, fields such as: Ice cream type and Drink type, qty needs to be selected. If you like to learn point of sales systems step by step, this is the right place to learn from the beginning. In this tutorial useful for making a point of sales system for a small shops.

The system shall be able to select the relevant Ice cream type and Drink type.

First Step Create the Spring boot you have to go the website start.spring.io  

above the image shown how to add the dependencies and create project.

after created the project you have to import in to the eclipse.

First step have to create the view page. go to the src/main/resources Folder
expand it you wil have a folder named templates  inside the folder you will have to create the index.html.
after created the page you have to paste the code inside the page.  you can download images folder and component folder  here  files

After done the view part let moving to Controller part.


lets select the project folder and right click new->package->com.example.IceCreamInventory. IceController and type package name like this. after created the package inside the package have create controller IceController.java

Inside the page you have add it

above code shown when you run the page it will be calling the  index action method.

After go to the src/main/resources Folder  expand it  you will have file application.properties
paste the below code

above code shown only set the port of Spring boot Application.

After go to main page of  Spring boot Application above @SpringBootApplication Annotation paste the @EnableAutoConfiguration(exclude={DataSourceAutoConfiguration.class})

i have attached the video link below. which will do this tutorials step by step.











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