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Java OOPS ADD Two Numbers

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In this tutorials will  teach you how to add two number using OOP concepts. This is an important for developing a java projects.  there are many students who struggling with this area. so that I bring this article for all to clear the doubts.

First You have to Design the Form

After that you have to create the class  Cal.java

public class Cal 
    public int num1,num2,tot;  // Create the Variables with Public Access specifier

    public int Add()  // Create the Method
        tot = num1 + num2;
        return tot;

Paste the Code inside the Add Button

Cal c = new Cal();
c.num1 = Integer.parseInt(txtNum1.getText());
c.num2 = Integer.parseInt(txtNum2.getText()); 

i have attached the video link below. which will do this tutorials step by step.

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