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Restaurant Shop Inventory Management System using Laravel 8

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The Restaurant Shop  pos system is developed using Laravel 8. The project is built to manage sales and transactions. To make a new transaction, fields such as: item type  qty needs to be selected. If you like to learn point of sales systems step by step, this is the right place to learn from the beginning. In this tutorial useful for making a point of sales system for a small shops.

The system shall be able to select the relevant Rice type and Drink type.

First Step Create the Laravel 8 Project

after project has been created you have to create index.blade.php page inside the views folder. paste the following code.

after that you have to create the controller

after created the controller paste the following code

after that go route folder inside folder there is page name web.php. you have to change the Route i shown in below.

change as index. then only it will return to index page when page is loaded for the first time.

now you can run the project
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