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Spring boot with Angular MongoDB database Full Stack Project

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This  tutorial will teach you how to do the full stack development application using Spring boot with Angular and mongoDB you how to do basic database functions that are CREATE RETIEVE, UPDATE and DELETE  using mongoDB Database.

Crud function how to perform the RESTful Web Service let discuss with following annotations.

@PostMapping:  annotation which used to create new record.
@GetMapping:   annotation which used to reads a record.
@RequestMapping: annotation which used to search the record.
@PutMapping:   annotation which used to update the existing record.
@DeleteMapping:  annotation which used to delete the record.

First Create the Controller


Create the Entity


Create repository


Create Service



Angular is a front-end application we have already created the folder front end inside the folder open the command prompt and type the commands.

Installing Angular CLI

After that create the new Project of Angular running by the following command

Now you see the Angular Welcome Page.

After that open the Angular project into VS code editor.

now you can see the following file structure

Creating a new Component Student



app.module.ts  add the following modules.

FormsModule, HttpClientModule

i have attached the video link below. which will do this tutorials step by step.


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