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Inventory Management ASP.NET MVC with Ajax

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This tutorial will teach you how to make a Inventory Management System in ASP.NET MVC with Ajax step by step. This system will helpful you to learn Inventory Management System.this system helpful for you learn sales handling process of asp.net mvc with ajax.

Functional requirements

The System shall be able to find the barcode id of the products.in order to find the product details enter the barcode id in to the barcode id textbox then it will automatically find product details without loading page and produce the output in to the related textboxes.

This System shall be able to store the Sales details in to the SQLserver databases.after sales has been done.

The System shall be able to release the print receipt for print the bills.

Let learn how to do the system step by step

First go and open  the visual studio and create the new project.

After that Select the language as Visual C# with ASP.NET Web Application

Click Ok

Select MVC Click Ok

First we have to study MVC Folder of project MVC stands for model-view-controller.

i have attached the folder structure above(Models,Views,Controllers)

this course i am going to cover about database first approach.for deal with models folder first.


Create the database on the SQLserver.i have create database which name is possystem.

Product Table



these are the table you have create on the SqlServer.   id set as primarykey along with auto increment.i have attach the screen shot image below. How to do it.

select the id column then go the id  column  properties below do it as Is Identity Yes.

After created the all the tables  then go the the visual studio back.

select model folder and right click do the following steps i attached screenshot image below.

Select  Data with ADO.NET Entity Data Model

Click Add after that pop up Generate from database click Next.

Establish the Database Connection

Click new Connection

Configure the Connection Properties

select database name and give username and password while you installing the SQLserver. and test the connection
if the connection has success click OK Button.

Select the table

Click finish

Model.edmx diagram is created successfully.

After that select you project install the following libraries.


After that select the home controller paste this code.i attached video tutorial below watch and do it.

go to the controller folder and double click the  HomeController  paste the following code


After that  go the views folder there is the folder which name Shared inside the Shared folder there is the file which name is layout.cshtml. this is the layout file.

Layout File

Layout file is a common file for each page. Example you have the header and footer in your website.  header and footer are common for each pages.it called as layout.content would be changed each pages like about us pages displays regarding about us content,Contact us pages displays regarding Contact us content.like that.layout.cshtml paste the following codes.


After done that go the view folder inside the views folder there is folder Home inside the home folder folder paste the  following code.


after that create file print.cshtml paste the following code.

i have attached the video link below. which will do this tutorials step by step

























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