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Java Project Inventory Management System

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This tutorial will teach Inventory Management step by step.this system developed by Java and mysql. this project is built to manage category,brand,products, and transactions. this system is user friendly so it is easy to use. mysql is the backend of  this system. To run this software, you need  to install Netbeans IDE and Xmapp.



The system shall be able to manage  the Category details :categoryname,status.


The system shall be able to manage  the Brand details :brandname,status.


The system shall be able to manage  the Product details :product,description,category,brand,cost price,retail price,qty,barcode,status.


The system shall be able search the  product name,price by the relavent  barcode id.after got the  product name,price where the user has the option to add the qty by click the add button to see all Products details which will be shown in the below table.after calculating the total print receipt will be released.



i have attached the video link below. which will do this tutorials step by step.


Download Here








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