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How To Insert Data into Java MySQL

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this tutorial will teach how to design complete UI design using java swing application with insert record into the database.

Label Creation

JLabel label1, label2, label3;

Define the name of the  Label  label1 = new JLabel(“Enter Student Name”);

TextBox Creation

JTextField text1, text2; 

Define the textbox sizes  text1= new JTextField(21);

ComboBox Creation

JComboBox box1; 

Add the items in to the combobox

box1 = new JComboBox(); box1.addItem(“VB.net”); box1.addItem(“Servlets”); box1.addItem(“Java”); box1.addItem(“EJB”);


Button Creation

JButton but1;

Define the name of the  button

but1=new JButton(“Save”);

Set the ActionListener



i have attached the video link below. which will do this tutorials step by step.


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